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We take pride in our clients it is not just a business to us, It is our passion!
  1. Jack Atkins
    Jack Atkins
    Selected this agency from a list provided to my dad after his rehab stint. All services were provided under the guidance of my dads doctor. So far we've been pleased with the staff. I also like that the office manager called to make introductions.
  2. Dianne Russel
    Dianne Russel
    I am forever indebted to these folks for caring for my dad who has Parkinson's and my mom who was burnt out caring for him. I live out of state and they don't have any family around. Your Peace of Mind Care caregivers have done an exceptional job so far and have helped my parents stay at home and reduced the burden on me tremendously as I used to make frequent trips to make sure they were doing well. I am grateful to have them. Thank you.